Sudden FPS drop for a Second in Level?

Hello, I have an apartment level that does not feel completely optimize. On average the level has around 90-100 fps, but at somemoments the fps drops to 40 or 50 for a few miliseconds.


It is not clear in the GIF, but the level starts with a scene where the character looks around, the fps drops always at the exact moment always. When I start walking around the level I sometimes get the sudden fps drop for a second. I’ve tried lowering the texture resolutions and even deleting a lot of objects in the scene but it keeps happening no matter what. What is the easiest way to optimize the level? Thank you in advance.

Basically, when the fps drops, you’re looking at the problem.

Quickest way is removing things until you find it…

I get that but normally when u have fps drops it stays low for a few seconds. My problem is like a small instant stutter/hiccup that happens really fast.