SubUV Isn't Displaying All 16 Tiles

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I’m using a texture that has 4x4 rather than 2x2.

These squares are cut up as the full image of the number should be shown.

How could I also change the SubImage Index InVal and OutVal to accomodate for the 16 points of the 4x4 subUVTexture rather than an incorrect In and Out Value of 0.75 and 3.01 which works for the 2x2?

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Hi -

Make sure that you have set the Correct Row and Column settings in the Required Module, but for the Out Value of Point 1, you would want it to be equal to Number of frames-1 (since frame 1 is actually stored as 0). So in your example you have a total of 16 frames so the Out Value should be 15.

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Eric Ketchum

What should the In Value be labeled as though, since for a 2x2 setup, docs reference a setup of only two points:

invalue 0
outvalue 0

invalue 0.75

how many points should the 4x4 have and should each point be relevantly close to the 0 15 point?

I have horizontal and vertical both set to 4 but it only seems that the same images are being repeated. Are they matching up to the 256x256 squares correctly? 16 of them are forced into a 1024x1024 material/image

Hello -

The In Value represents over the life of the particle so 0 would be birth and 1 would represent death of the particle, this means that you would only need two points to have the flipbook to play out over the life of the particle.

Eric Ketchum

I am confused…so the only thing I need to change from a 2x2 to a 4x4 is the horizontal to 4 and the vertical to 4, but keep the in and out values the same (still only two points)?

The In Value does not seem to be altering the particle lifetime, when I have lifettime set in the emitter as a variable

The Required Module should look like this:

The SubUVIndex should look like this:

[Sample Project 4.10.2][3]

Eric Ketchum

Ah, so In Value would represent the set value for the lifetime, and Out Value is some index or array of the frames? It just did not make sense to me why the Out Value of the docs had to be 3.01 until right now. Thank you, all 16 tiles are now up and running!

oh! it is changing the frame as the time goes on, is it possible to have it output a single frame without changing it until deactivation?


Eric Ketchum