SubUV change with Particles works wrong

  • The UV input of a “Particle SubUV” node does nothing.
  • The SubUV change in a particle gets applied to all textures in the material even though that are not SubUV nodes.

Is there any workaround to make the SubUV change only for defined textures?

Hey Davision -

The Particle SubUV node only gives you access to the Blend functionality (Linear and Random) in the SubUV settings of the Required Module. The Blend settings is what allows the steps of your UVs to transition or interpolate between frames over a long period of time in Cascade instead of having the static popcorn look over the same distances.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum

Ok, but then the UV input of the SubUV node is still broken. I made my particle now work by using Particle MacroUV, this way I could still have different UVs for the different textures while using SubUV change in the main texture. The Macro UV radius in the particle does then nothing though.

That is what I tried. Using a texture that distorts the UV of the SUBUV node. Problem is that UV input of the SUBUV node simply does not work.
I then chose a regular texture node for it which worked but the distort texture also got the Sub Images UV applied which is defined in the particle system (like 8x8 sprites animation). I then found that when I use MacroUV in my material for that distort texture that problem does not occur. I scaled that in the material instead of the particle system.

So I just stick with that now and it works fine. It was quite the workaround though.

Hi -

The Particle SubUV UV input is primarily for UV math, for instance having each frame of the Particle be effected by a Flowmap. You haven’t given me enough information or visuals to help with the second part of your question. If you can boil this down to a simple sample particle system I can work through it and see if there is an issue.

Thank You

Eric Ketchum