Subtraction tool issues

I am currently trying to nip a few pieces off of a level i have designed and originally, before i converted to 4.3, I was able to use this tool with no problem. Just need to know if this is an issue with the new update because if not then this is something to do with my computer

I dont have any problems with the subtraction tool -> what kind of problems do you exactly have? :slight_smile:

well the subtraction tool is just not subtracting like it is supposed to. Trying to make a door frame for a stone slab to be fitted in and it just sits there looking like a trigger box thats stuck half way through a wall

Have you already rebuild everything (geometry, light,…) + are you sure that the other part is a bsp brush?

i did and just did it again just to see if there was some sort of issue with the build

sorry didn’t see the second question, yes i am positive that it is a bsp brush

Is this also happening in a new project? When yes, could you probably send me a basic level with the problem?

i clicked geometry toggled subtract and drug the box out to where i needed it, as a result i got nothing.

Does this also happen when you convert an additive brush into a subtractive? (property panel of the brush).

Also make sure to post this onto answerhub, because for me it sounds like a bug :stuck_out_tongue:

it’s currently a new level consisting of three floors, a roof and a wall. was just going to use the subtraction tool to open up areas i want my character to go through in as a plat former. i can probably send you a screen shot unless there is a different way.

yes it does the same thing i just tried it.

Yep, probably a screenshot helps


sorry about the size

For me the building itselfe doesnt look like a bsp brush (do you probably try to subtract a part of those SM_Template_…?) :slight_smile: → but as I said, post it onto answerhub, because I think that’s definitely a bug

not sure what sm template is, but those are basic geomtry brushes, everything is being made as a layout and will later be replaced with a few aspects that we have designed. Just was trying to put a door reference by using a subtraction brush. sorry im sort of new to this program

it is on the answer hub thank you for your help

Hey XLCRHItmanEQ - Can you drop a link to the AnswerHub post?

This is the link to the answer huband there is one in the answer hub post which was put there thanks to fighter

i just realized what a sm_template and all of them are sm_template_map_floor_# so am i using the wrong brush type to be subtracting things from?