Subtitles not rendering!

NULL GEngine->GetSubtitleFont() - subtitles not rendering!

This error is spamming over and over again in console.

How do I fix that? Please help me.


This question is similar to this one, which was marked Solved: [Solved] subtitles not rendering error - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums - Perhaps this can help you.

In the future, I highly recommend searching the Answerhub for previously answered questions; it helps keep the Answerhub clean and concise!

I saw this one, but i couldn’t find these “unique lines”.

You can check in ProjectSettings, General settings, Fonts
Clic the little down arrow at the end of the section to display Subtitle Font.

Check you have a font setted.

You error message is launched if the engine can’t find any Font for subtitle display (maybe you remove the default font)