Subtitle Manager and Engine Code


We’ve got a program which displays subtitles with dialog and also uses UMG widgets for the UI. Our problem is that the default subtitles always render behind UMG regardless of any setting used in the UMG widgets for their ZOrder. I’ve gone and made a UMG widget to display subtitles in front of our UI, and that’s working fine, but even with “Subtitles Enabled” unchecked and “Subtitles Forced Off” checked in the Project Settings, the built in subtitles still display, so we can’t reposition our custom subtitle widget-- we have to keep it in place to hide the built in subtitles that aren’t supposed to be displaying anyway.

I tried adding a call to FSubtitleManager::KillAllSubtitles() to our function library, but I get an unresolved external linker error when I try to compile that, which seems to be caused by the fact that the KillAllSubtitles() function doesn’t have the ENGINE_API flag. I’d like to be able to add that in there, but I’m not sure how to change our project to use modified engine code. It’s linked to the default installation directory, and I’d like to change it to use a copy of the engine source that I’ve manually placed into the parent directory of our project, but can’t seem to find how to do that either.

Looks like just swapping those “Subtitles Enabled” and “Subtitles Forced Off” checkboxes, playing, and swapping them back fixed it. Not sure how it wasn’t working in the first place.