Subsurface scattering

Is it possible to use subsurface scattering and single layer material while using material attributes?

If so, how would it be implemented?

Plug a value into the subsurface node and set the shading model to subsurface?

Unsure if I am missing something in the question; not trying to be a troll.

Thank you for your reply.
We are using single layer water in our project so subsurface scattering is disabled for our rendering mode.
So I was wondering if anyone has experience in bypassing it or “fake it” for the single layer water


that shader does some of that for you but you have to feed the material nodes for the water-output.

I’d recommend looking at the sample project for the water plugin to see how Epic set theirs up. There is some kind of depth/scattering parameter(s) for this.

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For others looking for similar solutions. I found the Waterline Pro helpful. they are using single layer water and subsurface scattering: