SubSurface Profile BUG when upscaled screenshot rendered

Hello guys here is the problem:

Same project same scene, two different results.
Upscaling is done by HighResShot command with any multiplication - 2,3,…
Postprocess feature of screen percentage higher than 100 gives the same result in 12.5 and 13.
Windows 7, gtx970, driver 372.70

The problem is that I have made a lot to the new scene in 12.5 so I can’t open in 10.4. Still need to render big screenshots…

Materials with SubSurface Profile feature, has no bug when upscaled screenshot rendered

Materials with SubSurface Profile feature, has a bug that looks like horizontal stripes, when upscaled screenshot rendered

GIFs attached

Don’t use the highresshot, it doesn’t work with a lot of effects. Instead use something like Nvidia’s DSR to set your monitor resolution to 4k or higher, and/or set the resolution scaling in the post processing to 200%. That will give you a high resolution image without having to deal with highresshot trying to take tilling screen shots and stitching them together

2 ZacD same result man with post processing to 200%

You could try the following:

  1. Enter console commands: “r.ScreenPercentage 200” and then “r.ScreenPercentage.Editor 200” to activate downsampling.
  2. Press F11 and shift F11 to enter fullscreen and hide the task bar.
  3. Press F9 to take screenshot.

Thanks man ! That’s cool. Will try it!

2 The_Distiller
It works but you are limited by the monitor resolution :frowning: Still can’t make a print size :frowning:
Nvidia’s DSR is for the different purpose, or at list I do not know how to use it with U4 editor.
Looks like a bug that has no priority…

Here is the example of how it looks in 4.13. (12.5 is the same in result) It’s a part of a pic. from hiRes tool work in 4.13

You could switch to a non screen space shading model to take the high res shot. It should be possible to get something close using the regular suburface model but it may not have the same nice blur.

I just use Nvidia’s DSR to set my monitors resolution or 4k or higher and open the editor. Performance is going to suffer, but it’s good enough to get a screen shot, and you can quickly switch the resolution. And you don’t have to worry about switching to a non screen space shading model.

Ryan, Zac. Thanks a lot guys!

with dsr result is the same :(, Looks its a bug with SSprofile rendering. Will go back to 10.4