Subsurface Profile Artefact (Line Along Mesh)

When I’am using a subsurface profile, I’am getting a wierd line along mesh. Bigger subsurface radius split this line in more. I got material from PhotorealisticCharacter in Marketplace and it is working great. Did I miss something?

We are having the same issue. Please EPIC check this out. It wasnt there in 4.18 and its a pain to look at.

I looked into this and found out that this happens with deferred shading when r.SceneColorFormat is set to less than 4.
Enabling forward shading or setting r.SceneColorFormat to 4 should get rid of the line.

I’ve filed an official bug report for this.

Thanks, it’s gone :slight_smile:

I’ve encountered this problem too. It seems though in PIE doesn’t produce this glitch. Haven’t tested packaging for development/shipping.

This is the weirdest glitch i have seen by far. It only happens in my project. I’ve even imported my SK into unreal’s Photorealistic Character project which shows as it should. I fiddled around with the project settings, new map etc. and the only way to make it disappear is by resizing the editor’s viewport. Btw the resizing doesn’t happen in unreal’s project.


Try setting r.SceneColorFormat to 4 instead.

Yeah it’s gone, as is the subsurface. Enabling forward shading isn’t the solution.

Yes r.SceneColorFormat 4 does the trick. In UE4 version 4.20 this glitch is gone, even if you use r.SceneColorFormat 0 there is no visual artifact.