Subsurface or Subsurface Profile shading model for skin rendering

Hello guys, does anyone had used Subsurface shading model for skin rendering before, I am going to study skin rendering and want to find a way faster than use Subsurface Profile shading model, I think Subsurface shading model may the better choice, can anybody give me some reference? Thank you~

Use subsurface profile its developed mainly for skin rendering.

I haven’t looked at the newest version, but the last version of digital human was using subsurface profile. Also, the boy from Kite Demo does the same.

Subsurface profile is the highest quality, and most expensive option. One negative feature of it is that you pay a significant GPU cost if there is even a single pixel of skin on the screen (or possibly even if that pixel gets occluded) due to multiple passes of post process compositing.

Preintegrated Skin is very cheap, and usually does a fair job. It is very similar in implementation to Subsurface but specialized for the properties of skin. Which to use depends on your perf budget.

Thanks a lot for replying, I have seen Preintegrated Skin shading model in UnrealEngine’s document and found a demo picture on that page, it is the character in InfiltratorDemo, but when I open the demo I found the character’s skin is using the Subsurface shading model and the shader is a little complicate, so I wonder if anyone who have studied it can give me some reference, like a material or some other things~

Thanks again!