Substance to Unreal


I build some objects. like brick walls, windows, etc. Just wan to know I export materials from substance painter. I have defuse map,height,metalic,roughness,ao,normal,opacity. my problem is how to add those maps on unreal correctly. I try to add opacity then other materials details not coming. can someone tell me any good method to do.

When exporting from substance use the drop down and select Unreal Engine 4(Packed)
Then in Unreal in the material, click on the “result node” (brownish with all the outputs) under the material tab change the “blend mode” to masked,

hook up the defuse to the base color, and the alpha on defuse to the mask,
normal to normal
packed multi texture as follows
green…ambient occlusion

that should be it for PBR with opacity, good luck.

isn’t it RGB - RMA? |red=roughness| |green=metalic| |blue=AO|

It doesn’t matter what order they go in. Epic’s documentation says RMA(Roughness, Metalness, Occlusion), but Painter’s UE4 export does ORM if I remember correctly. The only difference with any of this is that the green channel gets one extra bit of information. Pick a convention and go with it :slight_smile:

ahh cool, thanks for the elucidation :slight_smile: i haven’t used painter in a while

The order DOES matter, different channels have different compression and thus are suited to different things.

Green is best suited for roughness because the channel has an extra bit to it. Red and blue are compressed the same, so you can stick metallicity or AO in either of those two.

1 bit is not a huge difference and not worth the trouble so many people go through of getting Substances into Unreal.