Substance texture get blurred when sub-level streamed.

I have some meshes using substance textures, I put them in my sub-levels, and streamed these sub-levels into my main level.

All these works fine for me, until I packaged my level.

It turned out that substance texture would get blurred after streamed into main level. It just looks like only a certain mip-level of the texture was streamed.

I put these meshes in my main level, however, these textures would be rendered correctly.

Well, if I put a mesh in the main level, and put another same mesh in my sub-level. All textures would be rendered correctly.

How to solve this problem?

Hi Noah,

does this behavior happen if you use regular textures as well?

No, not at all.

It does not happen if I use regular texutres.

It does not happen in the editor. But when I package the project, substance textures would get blurred.

Would it be possible to create a small project with this streaming issue and send it to me at ? We have never ran into this issue before and would definitely like to resolve it.


Any updates on this, Josh?

We have the same problem: blurry substance materials in every single of our sub-levels after packaging in Win 32bit as well as 64bit. Main-levels are fine.

Hi Kalabrix,

We actually posted a hot fix to Noah and planned on releasing it once 4.9 got closer to ‘go-live’

Here is a zip file with the changed files. Just unzip it over the plugins folder and recompile.

We are having problem with the substance asset also. It works fine but all the textures created by the assets are non-streamed textures and because of that, our texture memory budget goes way high. Is there some export settings that m missing where those texture can get streamed properly?

here is the image setting of the textures:



Hi Parth Patel,

We don’t support texture streaming at this time. Streaming textures is taking a full size texture on disk and reading it in a mip at a time. Substances load in a substance asset (that is much smaller than a full size texture) and unpacks the full texture into system memory. So in that fashion it would be difficult to save system memory as compared to streaming textures.

Oh Josh, you are awesome! Many thanks for the files. They work perfectly. :3