substance seems to be blurry iin the play mode


it´s me again… sorry for that :wink:

i made an 4k-substance in substance designer, which worked good from the allegoritmic/ue-workflow.

when i apply in ue4 the substance to my mesh, everything looks good in my viewport.

but when i start the play-modus, my substance seems a little bit blurry to me in my first-person ue-template…

can i adjust something, to sharpen my substance in the ue-play modus?

thank you very much for an answer :slight_smile:


Hi loopon,

4k textures will get downsampled to 2k when importing to UE4. As for quality differences between viewport and play mode, that is interesting. Perhaps there is a quality setting being set between the two.

hi josh-allegorithmic,

when i understand it right, that is basicly the problem with the substance-4-k-support in ue, which should be fixed in the next months (info from allegorithmic)…

after all, when this problem is fixed, i would be able to see real 4-k-textures in the game mode?


Hi loopon,

that is correct. Once 4k engine support is added you’ll be able to use 4k textures in game