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What is the easiest way to transfer a mesh from substance painter to unreal?…bstance-plugin

not sure if there’s a price-tag, I have the Asset, it was free temporarily, and works in 4.8-4.23, it advertises…

Please, not to intrude, I like to barter work as i have been involved with the founder of KillingFloor in 2k3 (indirectly, Capone, the Programmer, bartered programming work for graphics design) and i did all of the concept Art in the ModDb page for Marketing and Public Relations (yes, i’m that old-school.)

i have a Project for Deep, Story-Driven FPS/3PS:…emo-recruiting I

Also, in Modding, since no guarantee of Monetary gain directly:…-group-project

If the appropriate attention is given to “seeing the picture clearly,” I have many details being worked on, but the Main objective is clearly stated in the synopsis to Rival Ghost Recon BreakPoint and Max Payne 3 if the workload is shared and up-to-standards;

The site should be very fluid and menu links to separate pages placed appropriately, so please, feel free to have a look around, enjoy the infos, and drop a contact in the form or Contact me via PM if you would want to work with somemone who has seen a lot and done a lot.