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Search And Seizure UE4 Project Demo: Recruiting

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    [UNPAID] Search And Seizure UE4 Project Demo: Recruiting

    Project Title:

    Search And Seizure

    S&S is a Story-Driven First Person/3rd Person Tactical Game where Joe Binelli [The Protagonist] has been wrongfully convicted and sentenced to Prison Camp... However, Joe is in over his head.

    "When you find yourself inside a Remotely located Prison, You soon realize you must find out how far the conspiracy goes."

    Less Than Lethal Options are available, as well as firearms, so the Player's Freedom of Choice has a Risk/Reward System: If you kill your enemies, you will have a more difficult time trying to convince anyone you are Innocent.


    -Stunning Unreal Engine 4 Visuals and Highly-Creative Technologies

    -Story with deep level of Risk/Reward

    -Solo Campaign, Cooperative Mode; Separate Map Level Versions for PVP

    -Character and Weapon Customization

    -1st Person/3rd Person Toggles, so as to Blend the 'shooter crowd' in an Intense Game

    We are a small Team working to Produce an Art & Tech. Demo, based upon the Theme and Concept of the Outline Above. When the Demo reaches the point where it is fully working, and ready to be evaluated, i will ask around for a Cinematics engineer to take footage of the Demo's scenery and functionality.

    The Demo and Cinematic will go towards further recruitment, and We could have a shot at Epic Games' Grant of $50,000 to fund our Science & Tech. Then, Finalizing an Early Build for testing will come, and Early Access will be considered, once a solid level of stability and playability is reached.

    Team Name: Elite Force Gaming
    -We are a Team hoping to Produce the Demo.

    Reasons (Project Creator)

    Project Management, Modelling and Level Design, Tech Researcher.


    *Banned for Phishing


    BluePrint Designer

    Previous Work:

    "Rival Playas" Unreal Tournament 2k4 Total Conversion Mod

    "Project Stealth" UDK Project - Bisbanded due to Copyright and other difficulties

    ------------------------------- [RECRUITMENT]------------------------------

    Recruitment Positions are Available in order of needed now and end of list is needed later:

    - Programmers/ BluePrint Designers (2/Each)

    Programmers to work with our art for implementation

    BluePrint Designers to work with the Programmers

    C++ and C# Experienced Applicants should be able to create clean, and future-proofed code so as to mix with BluePrinting at a functional level.

    BluePrint Designers will need to create and/or tweak existing Assets and those C++/C# coders create; Basic Level Interactivity, Main Menu, and Player Functionality will be needed as BP.

    Weapons Modeller + Skinner + Animator* (2 or more)

    Police and Military Weapons knowledge is preferred, although if you can model from image references, prior knowledge is not necessary.

    Ability to create texture skins, with any attachments besides Optics, included in 1 (one) 4096^2 Texture. Heightmaps are required if Normals Baking is not available.

    Some weapons are created by now, i had to take on that task. We are still looking for a Weapons specialist in 3D for modelling/animating/rigging more LessThanLethal Weapons.

    *Animators must fit weapons to UE4 Skeleton with Character Models and create fluid, functional animations.


    Contact Form is available on Site Above.

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    Resident BluePrint Designer marked for AWOl has returend... I am in the process of working through some very interesting Tech Tweaks to make the Demo as Incredibly Innovative as it is Good-Looking

    Althogh he likes the Challenge, he could use some help, so feel free to visit our site, and drop a message at the Search And Seizure Teaser Page (though terribly unfinished as far as Image Gallery Submissions go,) We are only releasing basic works so the Internal Work stays Fresh, and the Demo will be untainted
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      Project's Demo Level is getting ready to have Start Built, and pathing rebuilt from Exit of Start to Escape:

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        Working with Volumetric DirectionalLights set to Dynamic, ExponentialHeightFog, and Skylight, with Interactive Foliage from Project Nature:

        Coming soon, a video of a run-through one of 3 paths you can take to Escape the Prison:


          Updated the Original Post - Level Designers are not needed at this time, we are working with 8-10km of playable area from the [Game] which will comprise the Demo.

          Fly-Through Seen here:

          HangGlider will Not Be in the Demo.


            Made a good deal of Progress... Doesn't look like much, And over 100 hours managing Assets and Manipulating them, implementing Level Design Decisions and Gameplay Feature-Ready Terain Modifications to the GDC "Kite Demo"

            However a BP / Programmer(s) and Character Modeller(s) would make the Art have a Purpose other than Pictures and not much else as far as Release goes:

            Click image for larger version  Name:	Sns_WIPjpg.jpg Views:	1 Size:	374.0 KB ID:	1668383
            Click image for larger version  Name:	SnSDemoPostProcess.jpg Views:	2 Size:	464.0 KB ID:	1668429
            Prison-Break Waypoint Teaser:

            Basic Test of Interactive Foliage ... It Does NOT Interact, yet... I Do NOT know how to work BP very well,

            My Entry to Universal Studios for a Jason Bourne Movie is being used (i think, right?) for a portion of the OST... anyways, there are 3 versions:

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              A Blog Entry on What the Main Goal for You, the Developers, and (maybe, i would think, probably) You the Player will experience with the Search And Seizure Development and Exposition Design:


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