Substance Painter to Unreal Engine 4 (several texturesets)

Hello guys,
Sorry if there is another thread like this (I haven’t found a specific one about my problem), so I would like to ask one of you who has worked with Substance Painter.

I have textured a model with 3 texturesets in Substance Painter (3 different UV Tiles *Multitile in 3ds max) and used the Unreal Engine 4 (packed) config to export them.

However, when I try to load them as Multitile Material in 3ds max I get a “Invalid file pattern format”. Do I need to load them in 3ds max at all or should I just import the model in Unreal Engine 4 and somehow place the textures there?

What I mean to say is: I have no idea how to place those textures in 3ds max when the model has several UV Tiles instead of one. And then export it to Unreal…

Any help would be appreciated…

Dont have that much 3ds max expirience per say, but your model in 3ds max should be multi-material, i think its called sub-materials i 3ds, sorry if am wrong. Single model with those 3 different sets of faces have each own material. You dont need to import the painter exported textures back to 3ds, you can directly import them to UE4 and create materials out of them. There are 2 ways you end up doing this. One single mesh with sub-materials, so once the model is imported into UE4, you end up with one mesh with 3 material slots. Other way is to make you model out of 3 meshes in 3dsmax, import to ue4 and in import settings check to combine meshes, you still end up with one model with 3 texture slots. UE4 only supports one UV set (UV 0) (UV 1 is for lightmap), that said, UVs can overlap eachother as long as overlapping UVs do not share the same material. I hope that steers you in the right direction.
Any of above ways, exported and imported to painter will also give you multiple texture sets.

Thank you very much Tiskan!!