Substance painter multiple texture sets - exporting from blender

Hey everyone!
I made a little object in blender which i want to use in unreal engine 4. The object i made is made out of multiple meshes. I unwrapped all objects and exported the scene as .obj. But when i import the mesh in substance painter all objects are unwrapped on a single uv layer which means they’re overlapping. I saw a video where a guy importet a .obj scene from fuse and got multiple texture sets so he can switch between them (here’s a link to the video: Mixamo Fuse - Substance Painter - UE4 Tutorial - YouTube )

my question is: is it possible to expoprt a model from blender so i can get multiple texture sets?

hope someone knows an answer

That’s the same problem i am having right now , did you find any solution ?

I had the same problem and i found the solution!