Substance P sRGB problems!

Here it goes my pipeline!
From substance painter I export the textures Rough,Opacity,Metalic (Packed) R+G+B
I import texture in the UE4 and in texure editor i uncheck sRGB as it should!
I everything connect in the material editor
R= Rough
And texture look fine in photoshop
What’s the problem?
Well the problem is that it does not match the value
SP and UE4
For example, only channel of metalic
does not match SP value and roughness is ok
if you check srgb (In texture editor) then metalic is ok but roughness is wrong
Simpler to me is import separate textures! But it will take precious space!

I’m not sure that this is a bug or my mistake!
My level of English is very bad, do not blame me

That might actually be something you should mention to substance, instead of the ue4 devs.

Ill pass it on to one of my substance buddies to be sure.

Hey i think is ue4 problem because in photoshop textures look fine just lik in SP

All textures is TGA format

From the substance buddy:
“Try to put a transform 2D node before your output node in Substance Designer and force the bit depth to 8bits (absolute), see if it improve things”

Actually, if you are exporting from Substance Painter you won’t be able to do that. You can try to export with a different file format like TGA instead (which is 8bits max) instead of PNG (which is 16bits).

^^ thats the buddy I was talking about.

Hey This is link on project you can download and see

Hello Androsije -

There are possibly a few reasons that the textures maybe off, but it boils down to a gamma correction that is done in the image. sRGB corrects the image to an approx. 2.2 power.

So there is actually two ways to very quickly solve this problem in your material.

One is to use the Default Compression with sRGB set to true and in that case take the Roughness Texture and raise it to a power of 1/2.2, like this:

Which will yield a result like this:

Alternatively you can use the Masked Compression with sRGB set to false and in that case take the Metallic Texture and raise it to a power of 2.2, like this:

Which will yield like this:

Thank You -

Eric Ketchum

Thank you very much! :smiley: