Substance LIVE LINK queery

Hello everyone,
Ive just managed now to get Substance Live link actually working (i guess thats due to the 4.26 update or theyve updated the Substance plugin)
My question is this, I want to send my character to Substance but only to paint the clothing, the reason for this being:

When I export to substance painter, the character loses all their hair, eye and skin materials and ive been re applying them manually (which is a slow and tedious process as im sure you know!) All i want to do is paint the clothing, seeing as its part of the characters mesh thats not currently possible… Or is it ? I dont want to paint the character in the slightest, just the clothin. Before i used Substance Painter on a Clothing mesh seperately then imported the TExtures into UE4, then create a material from it and have to link all the nodes up, which again i want to avoid.


Team FC