Substance Designer SBSAR to Unreal issue // HBAO related?


I have this weird issue when importing a SBSAR in Unreal. My textures look very different in Substance compared to Unreal. Here are 2 examples, base color and AO. I highly suspect this is related to the HBAO node in Designer. When I remove all my HBAO nodes in my graph, my textures look the same both in SD and UE. Am I doing something wrong in terms of import, or should I poke Allegorithmic?

That was also my first thought, but in the end it wasn’t the case. What happens is that in Substance, I was using the output size to change my texture resolution, instead of the new parent size from the graph. My output size was set on 3 (for a 2048*2048), and my parent size was left at 256, the default value. So when I import my SBSAR in Unreal, the texture maps are generated at 2048 (bound on Substance’s output size I guess), but when I check the material settings, it is set on 256. When changing this value in Unreal, my textures resolution were not changing, but their look did. It probably messes with the nodes and the texture generation.

In the end I am now leaving the output size in Substance at 0 (parent X1), and when I want to change my texture resolution I just play with the parent size. SBSAR imported in Unreal are now behaving as expected, textures are generated in 256, I can change their resolution and the way they look is consistant with Substance.