Substance Designer Parameter in Level Blueprint

I have setup a material created in Substance Designer that has a parameter to control the roughness level and diffuse (parameter named wetness) to appear wet. I have set up a timeline to change the value from 0 to 1 over 10 seconds and I can visually see this happen on the material instance slider, however it doesn’t seem to update the material in real time on the mesh. Am I missing something?

Won’t let me upload images for some reason so here are some links

Blueprint - Screenshot - b5283c2893b4a2343e282e759e675641 - Gyazo
Material Instance - Screenshot - 03f238bb51a5e910e673f67439be4c5e - Gyazo
Mud Material in game Wetness set to 0 - Screenshot - be524c9bb9df81b8f7404a181d3e8117 - Gyazo
Mud Material in game wetness set to 1 manually - Screenshot - c372f875ef7468b9fdcf91f5a7d843da - Gyazo
A gif if the blueprint in action - Screen capture - 592a49818fe33631b94a83f1b15ec91b - Gyazo

Thanks in advance

UPDATE: Just adding a sync render node after his fixed the problem, however this process does drastically affect the frame rate while it’s in progress, besides possibly reducing the texture res is there any other way to help reduce interference?

Use the “async render” node if you don’t want to block the main rendering thread of the engine.