Substance Designer or Ddo...?


So I am looking at both software with noob eyes and I can’t decide which one I should get, or if they even play in the same category.

There are many tutorial available online but I didn’t find anything that give an overview of the features of each solution at the same level. Designer is also a meterial editor, I get that (right?), but for the texturing part they’re both procedural texturing tools?

Does Substance Painter have the “missing” Ddo features for Substance Designer?


Just out of curiosity, both have a trial version… just install them and see what application fits your workflow best.

DDO is more for a “pls make some textures for me” approach. They have a huge library of materials and effects, and you tweak those presets for what you need.
On the other hand, Substance is a flexible procedular texturing software, it can do a LOT more things than DDO, but of course you need to do them, not just select a preset and edit values.

I agree with vblanco, DDO is the lazy way of doing it, at least the older version (I haven’t tried the quixel suite one yet) isn’t going to give you your own style, all your stuff will have pretty much the same look as others that use it. Substance Designer have a lot more power and lets you create essentially anything you want, but you’ll have to create your own presets, which gives you much more freedom than making presets in DDO.
(NDO on the other hand is great.)
Also Subastance Designer is not a material editor, it’s more a node-based texture generator that produces textures to be used in materials/shaders.

Both are texturing softwares that generates your textures using presets rather than lets you “paint” them (although you can of course do that as well).
I’d say Substance Painter is going to be a better approach if you prefer to have more control and “paint” your textures, so if that would be interesting I’d say pick up Substance Designer since you can use substances made with designer inside of Painter.

Thanks, for the info, it’s exactly the type of input I was looking for :slight_smile: