Substance Designee to UE4 Material Problem PLEASE HELP!

Hi all. I have been working with SD for a few weeks now and I have created a cathedral block material. I exported the material from substance designer and imported it into my UE4 project using the substance importer plugin. Everything imports ok but my material does not have any depth at all. It is completely flat, no depth at all!. Inside of the MAT_INSTANCE setting height map is selected and I have adjusted the value so that the material should really pop out, but, it does nothing.

Can anyone help me out please? I can post screenshots if they are required.

Kind Regards


If I remember correctly imported SD material is basic and textures are directly plugged into outputs.
If you want depth beyond what normal map provides then you should manually use either Tesselation or Parallax Occlusion Mapping
It’s kinda “expensive” so use it cautiously

Cheers for your reply. Yes, I thought as much so I tried the tesselation method with the normalws node and the pixel depth etc but that didn’t work either. What happened was the whole material tesselated rather than the seems of the bricks. I’ll post pictures when I get home. I really need to get this sorted, it is driving me bonkers.

I recommend POM, it has easier setup and you don’t have to worry about mesh itself.

Cube without POM:

Same cube with POM: