[SUBMITTED] Unfurnished Jane House

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This unfurnished house is designed for open world environments. Everything was developed using a modular approach so that any wall can be taken out and replaced, any light can be moved, and etc. Replacing walls would need custom assets developed on the part of the customer though the design makes implementing any custom assets or wall layout changes possible. Keep in mind that this is not a modular building set, it is just a house that was designed using a modular approach. Ergo, one wall is not connected to another wall and neither wall is connected to the ceiling, etc etc etc. The house can be easily integrated into any open world environment. The design caters to both 1st and 3rd person style gameplay.

An unfurnished approach was taken in this design so that custom assets which cater towards a game’s unique style can be added in order to better fit the house to the style of the game. There are a few basic furnishings provided such as countertops, sinks, a fridge, a stove, and a bathtub. They are all modular and can easily be removed from the house upon desire to do so. Consider the contents of this house what you would expect when moving into a brand new house.

All doors, ceiling fans, windows and light switches have their pivot set in such a way so as to make scripting movement of the asset easy to write. For instance, a door, when rotated, rotates along the hinge as it would in real life. For that matter, the pivot points for most objects are set in such a manner as to make them easy to move. (Pivot points for walls are set at the bottom corner of the wall, etc.)

Included in the package are two example scenes with the house assembled. One scene contains all the lights in the house turned on and another with all the lights in the house turned off. The entire house, including lights and reflection spheres are all located in a folder to make the house easy to copy from the example scenes to your open world environment. The lights are located in a sub folder of the house folder as are the reflection spheres. I placed the lights and reflection spheres in their own sub folders in order to make them easy to locate and adjust upon placing the house within your open world environment.

In total there are 252 models, 69 materials and 167 texture maps (Albedo, Ambient Occlusion, Normal and Reflection.) Each model has been optimized to reduce poly count. The resolution of the textures ranges from 256 to 1024 respectively.

Here’s some screenshots.

Bro this is gorgeous seriously. what are you going to charge for this?

Nice stuff man! Are the exterior walls modular too? My only complaint would be the kitchen floor material looks too tiled.

@Uprentiss - It’s going to be cheap. Around 4.99 or 9.99, haven’t decided yet but under 10 bucks for sure. If all goes well with this package I’m going to make a thing of it. I really want to try and keep my houses affordable for everyone so I can collect a lot of user feedback and of course make a little cash on the side.

@_cDub - Every wall is it’s own model. So effectively, yea, you could say they are but the house is kind of “as is” meaning that you can easily remove any one wall but you’d have to make your own personal adjustments in a 3d package. Regarding the texture, yea, I can see that too. I was going for a linoleum look there. I might fool around with it some.

You say you are using modular approach, yet you say replacing walls need custom developing. You know the meaning of modular?

What about measures? Height of the walls ect. Example when I look your bathroom, it looks that ceiling is way too high. You could stack like 4 to 5 toilet seat above each other and usually toilet seats are like 1 meter high. Can you show some pictures of modular pieces?

Yes, I understand the meaning of modular. Perhaps I was unclear and caused some confusion with that statement, allow me to explain. I said that it was using a modular approach, “approach” being the key word here, not that it was a modular house. What I mean by a modular approach is that every individual wall can be removed/moved as they are each separate objects. One wall in the kitchen can be taken down just as one wall in a closet could be removed. It’s not a modular building set, it’s just using a modular approach. Ergo, “Wall A” is not attached to “Wall B” and neither “Wall A” nor “Wall B” are attached to the floor or ceiling, etc. Essentially, I’m selling a house that uses a modular approach, not a modular building set. (I updated the OP to better clarify this.)

As stated in the description, the design is meant to cater to both 3rd and 1st person games. As such the walls were made 300 units high, enough to prevent them interfering with a 3rd person camera floating above the character but not so high as to make them unrealistic in a 1st person game. The height of the ceilings feels fine to me in game. Keep in mind that in real life many houses have different ceiling heights and I’ve been in plenty of houses with higher ceilings then that. 300 units is roughly only 1 foot higher then the ceilings of the house I live in, so it’s not an unrealistic height. Again tho, the entire idea there was to ensure compatibility with both 3rd and 1st person style games. 3rd person style games typically have slightly higher ceilings. It’s a good thing that you asked as it gave me an idea to add a few screenshots showing the dimensions of various aspects within the house.

Regarding a picture of all the modular pieces, that would be around 200 models. I could do so if absolutely necessary but it would take some time. Though if you just look at the current screenshots and then consider that every wall, every piece of trim, every floor, every ceiling, every plugin style, every wall switch style, every light style, every window style, etc is a unique model not attached to the surrounding models then you’d see what I mean by modular approach. Though again, it’s not a modular building set, it’s just using a modular approach.

I think you have some scaling issues to address here. Some of the rooms, the kitchen and bathroom in particular, seem very large. Or the appliances in them are very small. One of the two. :slight_smile: I think correcting the scale would give the rooms a more believable feeling and work better as a game environment.

Just my 2 cents…

EDIT : You may also want to add some polygons into a few of those props. The toilet and sink jump out at me the most. I can see the silhouettes and it makes them look low poly.

I would say the bathroom proportions are little incorrect and the toilet looks too low poly. It depends on what your targeting I suppose.

Otherwise, very nice stuff.

The kitchen is a kitchen/dining room. Rooms typically look larger without furnishings in them. If you take all the furniture out of any room the room instantly looks much larger. What’s wrong with having a large kitchen anyhow? I’ve never once heard anyone complain that their kitchen was too big. The furnishings that are provided are simply example furnishings as the house is unfurnished. The title of the package is “Unfurnished” but I am including a few props just as examples so as to show one possible layout. The props are low poly and designed for low poly games as is the house. It’s all low poly. I could easily go out and find screenshots from triple A titles that have even lower poly props in them then what I went with.

The scaling of the props is perfect and taken from real world objects that exist in my own house. The scale of the rooms is fine as the house is meant to cater to both 3rd and 1st person games. I have my own 3rd person character setup that is scaled to the same height as the default 3rd person setup that comes with UE4, running around in the house, everything feels right to me and it was all measured with a tape measure.

I guess to appease, you could include a third person ready house and first person house.

It seems that I’m not the only one who think this house has scaling issues. Still you say that there is none. Weird way to aproach the customers. It seems that you are making this house to yourself. Well I’ll pass this one.

Firstly, I am being transparent with everyone and responding to their concerns. Not a weird way to approach anyone. They gave feedback and I explained my stance on it. That’s what I would expect any author to do. What would you rather an author do? Say, “My tape measure was wrong…” That’s not responding, that’s not constructive nor answering their concerns at all. They asked and I’m responding in a professional manner, not sure what you’re expecting.

I can’t really argue with a tape measure. If a tape measure says that’s how big something should be then that’s how big I made it. The only real exception that I made was the height of the ceiling. I made it a bit higher to cater to 3rd person cameras. Saying a room is too big when there aren’t furnishings in it is not an accurate calculation, a tape measure is an accurate calculation. This house was modeled after a real house and used real measurements from that real house. This is why I called it a “Jane” house, because someone I know named “Jane” lives in a house just like it (and I of course needed a unique name for the package so I went with it.) Still, not everyone is going to be happy with any asset. That’s why you either choose to buy it or you do not. It’s your prerogative.

Ever played Silent Hill P.T? Compare that bathroom to yours. Are you trying to get these on Marketplace?

Ps. You could put the Unreal mannequin standing in your pictures so we can see better how wrong your scale is.

Yea, I’m actually doing that now. Was going to take some screenies with my character in there. It’s the same size as the default mannequin. Even at that though, you’re comparing one house to another. The size of bathrooms varies, the size of that bathroom could allow for both a standing shower and a bathtub. It’s up to the user to furnish the house how they see fit but the size of the rooms allows for some flexibility.

I know that sizes varies but your sizes are unreal. Show me a bathroom where you could stack 4 toilet seat above each other.

Ps. Use Epic’s mannequin, not your own!

I seen hundreds of houses in the real world similiar to this, kitchen and dining room in the same area, my house is like this. looks sized reasonable to me especially after getting furniture in it and etc. again i think it looks great

There are difference between size and “size”. Nightacy already said that ceiling height won’t match the real world size. If ceiling is 1 feet taller than in the real house, then those doors and windows are not in the real world size either. So if the real house has 1 foot lower ceiling, then top of the door frames would be higher than ceiling.

Ps. You could throw that bathtub in the bathroom window. That’s how high the walls are or that is how short the bathtub is. But Nightacy said that all the things are based on real world scale so something must be wrong.

Stop jumping all over the guy. He is providing what I believe to be a nice asset at a very reasonable price point. If you don’t like it don’t buy it, but stop running off people from putting things up for sale. I like it man and it is an instant buy at that price point. Much success so we can get more.

Sure he can sell it. But I hope that Epic quality control won’t take this on Marketplace. We don’t want Marketplace become a Unity store clone where quantity beats quality.

Here’s some screens of the bathroom and kitchen with Epic’s Mannequin.

Only thing I noticed was the door knobs need to be lowered a tad bit, which is an easy adjustment.
Yes, the ceilings are high but I already said they are supposed to be in order to cater to 3rd person games.
You also have to keep in mind that it’s unfurnished. You start putting furniture in there and those rooms shrink up just like they do in real life. An unfurnished room always looks bigger then a furnished room.