[SUBMITTED] Raccoon and Deer animation pack

True about VAT, but still there seems to be a new rule (if we got it right) - previously you were dealing with VAT in your country of origin, but lately VAT is being payed in the country of your customer (all that applies only to EU companies and customers). Either that or something along the lines :slight_smile:

I would consider changing my stance on this product if that was the case too.

Great job on these! They look great :smiley:

These look great, and are very fairly priced. Good work.

Hey doC, have you thought about sending your rigged animals to Help Mixamo Develop an Auto-Rigger for Quadrupeds and X-peds. Then if anyone else does any animal for UE4, there is a standard.

Thanks Jarlan and Joe :slight_smile:

seandennis thanks for the link, didn’t know about that and will check it out

Animations and everything look great, but considering how stylized they are the price does seem high. (That’s just my opinion of course ;))

Also, bear in mind that the UE4 Kite Demo is coming out when 4.8 comes out, along with it’s own Deer and Animations to go with (assuming Epic includes those).

Animations themselves are not too stylized except those few extras :slight_smile: and soon they will get a few updates rising the animation count to somewhere around 100+.

It says on the store that It is not supported on UE4.9?

there is nothing crucial that doesn’t make those assets work in 4.9 (even in 4.10 and hardly there will be a change in the engine that would break them). Only thing that doesn’t work or needs a little fix is the outline shader where scene texture source has to be changed (and the whole outline shader is just an eyecandy). We have submitted 4.9 update with this fix some time ago, but unfortunately there seem to be too much updates to process by epic (probably those that broke on 4.9 too much are prioritized). Currently there is no way for us to publish the update and we have to wait for epic folks.

In any case, in a few days/weeks we will have a big update which you can check here - [COMING SOON] Big release of Project Animals with realistic meshes! - Marketplace - Unreal Engine Forums!

can you do a bengal tiger?