[SUBMITTED] Raccoon and Deer animation pack

Hi everybody,

I have submitted these two guys for the marketplace:



So maybe you could give them your vote if you want to see them on the market :slight_smile:

Here are youtube links:


Looks pro!

Love this. Can’t wait for beaver, moose, grizzled bear, squirrel and maybe an owl. Please


A few more are already in production, but we plan to let you folks vote for what you want to see next.
We will also appreciate if you let us know what kind of situations you need to cover with animations, what you are missing in current packs and we will update all of them. But I will create a new threat in the wip forum for this soon.

Awesome to get a reply so fast! Ideally for personal use, I’d love to see some sort of apex predator next. Like a Bear. Providing an aggressive attacking animation along with it.

It be nice to have the selection of animals to work with especially for novice users like myself :slight_smile:

Yeah, Theodore is in the works :slight_smile:

Voted! =]

Would like to see some kind of attack animations sometime.


Attack animations sound like something that will be requested quite often.

Love the animations! :slight_smile: … is there any chance we can get a high poly/resolution look in the future?

If you do that plus generic attack/death animation, I’m definitely purchasing :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, these are exactly what I need for my game. They look fantastic and I’ll definitely be buying them.

We are considering that, but also it would be best to be done after fur shading from trello is implemented in UE.

More feedback would be great, but this already seems to be what will come in the updates :slight_smile:

Here is the support thread, we would love to hear your feedback and ideas -

Hi, while I am rather happy to finally see these available on the marketplace I must admit I am not happy with the price point. I feel its rather overpriced.

Edit: Actually I just noticed that this is PER model which is outrageous. You lost a buyer here.


sorry to hear that you are so disappointed.

First of all, there is something wrong with the price - when I was submitting the animations, I set the price to be $89 (which currently is about 82 euros), so I’m surprised to see it now costs over 100 euro. I will check with Epic what’s going on there.

If you would find $89 still too much, the thing is that the license is life time and for all your projects and you are not even dealing with per seat licenses if bought for a company. We really would wish for some licensing options.

Hi, thanks for the response. Good to hear something is being looked at. Well truthfully had it been a highres model I could see that price point as it would be more versatile. It would be a steal actually since many decent #D animal models are $200-$500+ fully animated. But since they are low poly it makes it more of a niche area comparatively to other assets available.


The thing is, we are primarily selling animations. The lowpoly and schematic meshes are sort of a bonus feature.

Ok, so it looks like the price difference between dollars and euros is due to some new tax rules in EU :\ and we can’t do much with that.

I would love to see you add in a mouse/rat, cat, dog, crow, hawk, and chickadee

FYI, the increased price in Euro is due to VAT (Value-added tax) being added to the sales price, which is a standard practice. Apple and Google do the same thing with their app stores in the EU.

Your animations are really good, so I would actually pay 89$ for this if I would need it, but only if better meshes would be included. I think for humans it makes sense to only sell animations, but for animals you can’t just buy another mesh somewhere and simply retarget the animation. So I think you would sell a lot more if you would make high quality meshes together with these high quality animations. Only few games have this particular low poly artstyle :slight_smile:

It’s not only “standard practice”, it’s even mandatory by law in EU countries to show the price with included VAT :slight_smile: