[SUBMITTED] Dinosaurs Pack 01
Raptor by Dokyo on Sketchfab
Trex by Dokyo on Sketchfab

This looks really good. I assume you’re already on the works with further packs? As great as this is, two dinosaurs does not a dinosaur collection make so I’d see people more likely to purchase a full set than a couple. Unlike say buying a couple woodland animals you can’t fit dinosaurs in as ambiance.

Agreed on every count; hope to see more awesome dinos!

Awesome work :smiley:

Thats really awesome man!

I dont know why I put 01 at the end, force of habit. I dont have anymore dinosaur packs in the pipeline, except for a half finished dilophosaurus (spitter) but the frill on the neck was doing my head in. plus trex and raptors are the coolest dino’s so i did them, they take so long to do, so dont expect any more anytime soon!

we need this!!!

Looks pretty cool :slight_smile:

+1 Dinosaurs

Btw. feel free to upload them with the Marmoset Viewe (e.g. on ArtStation), that way one can check out the topology/texture maps.

Wow just looked it up, didn’t realise marmoset had a viewer. It looks really good il have to look at buying toolbag

Not sure if anyone was still interested in this pack but I ended up redoing sculpt and textures, to make him more realistic.

Raptor by Dokyo on Sketchfab

Very high quality. I would buy these. I think some of these species might supposed to have feathers though.

Yeh I was just looking online, there are some more bird like versions with bright colourful feathers, looked pretty cool. I’m a sucker for the jurassic park style ones though! I’l look into doing a more historically accurate one.