Submission validator errors and warnings clarification (how to fix?)

I ran validator over my apk and got these:


→ APK is launchable (launchable-activity)
→ Intent Filter Category attribute (application/activity/intent-filter/category) must be INFO in manifest


→ GLES version is (not specified) (uses-gl-es)

How do I fix those ?

P.S. Using UE 4.12.5 / UE 4.13.p2

Thanks beforehand

Have you exported with “For Distribution” ticked? - it should fix most of those issues. You need to create a keystore for that as per my answer here:

This is a known thing that has been around for awhile and won’t affect anything, as for the other ones i think aussieburger is correct. All that said, i haven’t tried packaging for GearVR in 4.13 yet.

It will affect submission eligibility.

Thanks @aussieburger, apk now passes validation, but with 1 warning:

→ GLES version is (not specified) (uses-gl-es)

How do I fix that ?


I’ve submitted an app for Oculus Store review with that warning and the reviewers didn’t care about it, so feel free to ignore that for the time being.

Aye, thanks