Submerged from Uppercut Games

Hi everyone,

We have been working on a new Unreal Engine 4 game for a few months now, and today we finally announced it.

We also started a development blog detailing how we are making the game, you can check it out here:

Here are the first screenshots we have released.

Uppercut Games

Wow! Really Nice.

Looks beautiful, can’t wait to see more. =)

looks really nice…also enjoyed the dev blog really interesting to hear how you got more with less people working on the project

The atmosphere is very well done, you can feel the isolation that you were trying to convey. I can’t wait to see more of what your team comes up with!

Look amazing, hats off…cheers :smiley:

Nice environment art. Keep it up!

nice! it’s got a really surreal vibe, digging it :slight_smile:

Awesome work so far! Definitely has that isolated, overgrown feeling. Can wait to see what updated progress you will show us.

Quick Update:

here’s another Screenshot and an update to our dev blog outlining the process we went through concepting our main Character Miku.


Here’s the final Miku Concept.


Our latest dev diary is up: Climbing system made with blueprints.

Blog describing the process:

Video of the climbing system in action.

that’s pretty sweet!

Great gameplay. I notice that horizontal moves on the walls can be very long if the wall is long, why not proposing some acceleration button to make horizontal moves faster ?

That’s an interesting idea. Like a “sprint” button … we just don’t want her to look like a crazy ninja.

We now have a Time of Day system working thanks to this thread in the Community Tools section

Hey UppercutAJ, are you using dynamic lighting in Submerged?

Looking good guys. Love the climbing system on your youtube channel. Inspiring seeing a new local canberra studio doing some nice things. :slight_smile:

Yes we are using a time of day system based off the one I linked to in the post above. Movable Directional Light. This world is devoid of technology, so we don’t have many artificial light sources. Just the Sun and the Moon

This looks absolutely outstanding. Keep up the good work, this is inspiring!

This is something! Fantastic job!