Subject A-119 Development thread


My name is Tom , I am an independent game developer/web developer from the Netherlands.

I am currently developing a game in Unreal Engine 4, this is my first ever game that I am aiming to release on PC, I would like your feedback & ideas for potential implementation in the game.

About the game
The name of the game
Subject A-119

The story of the game
The game is about Subject A-119(the player), it is the first successful experiment in a series of clones.
You wake up unintentionally and you don’t know who, what or where you are.
Your goal find out what you are, you do this by wandering around the facility and solving numerous puzzles.


[table=“class: grid”]

I removed the laboratory 
The green room has been made darker and the surroundings around the elevator are for testing the lighting 

This is the latest devlog:

Here is a playlist with all of the devlogs:

I appreciate all feedback you can give me about the game, that way I can improve the things people don’t like and keep other elements that people do like the same.

Your input and ideas
If you think I should add something to the game, send me a message, who knows, your idea might be implemented in the game.

Contact information:
Portfolio website:

Steam Greenlight:

The game has been Greenlit, check it out here:

Thank you for checking out this thread.

Looks quite fun :slight_smile:

Looking good mate, love the work done so far!

Thanks for the feedback.

I am currently working on an office enviroment with assets I bought from the marketplace, here is an image of it:


On the right outside of the picture is a ventilation shaft(Which I did make myself) where you can go into if you climb on the box which you can in the right side of the image.

Nice game idea. Good luck.


Thanks to Alexander Paschall for featuring my game in a community spotlight.

Here is the livestream video:

I like your clone concept, the game itself is looking nice too.

Game looks great. I like this kind of games and was thinking of making one.

Thanks for the feedback.

I submitted my game to Steam Greenlight, I would appreciate it if you guys could check it out:

I added some new screenshots, let me know what you think of it.

I added a new devlog.

Check out the trailer for the game.

New trailer: