Subdivided FBX sphere to fit UE4 material

Hi I can’t fit my UE4 material onto my subdivided sphere that I imported as FBX from blender, and that UE4 material does fit the UE4 built in sphere…

What do you mean with “can’t fit”? Which problem are you experiencing?

Did you UV-unwrap your sphere before exporting it as FBX?

My material is not applying so I get a white sphere mesh…

Your subdivided sphere probably needs to be re UV-unwrapped. Or you may not have exported from your modeling software with a material on it so it doesn’t have a material slot.

If you created the sphere yourself in blender and your not sure if its been unwrapped and you haven’t assigned a material then it wont have one.

BlenderGuru UV-unwrap

Are you using a Texture as material or simply a color?

When you import an FBX into UE4, you need to check Import Materials and Import Textures, otherwise they will not come through. Did you do that?

Assigning Materials

I did the material in UE4 so I basically just want to import the sphere mesh without any materials from blender, but I can’t fit my UE4material onto that imported mesh…

you have to export from blender with a material even if its not what you want. if you dont have a material on it in blender when you export then you wont have a material slot in ue4 so you will be unable to apply a material.

If you drag the material to the sphere or try to assign it to it and it doesn’t work, your sphere has not been UV-unwrapped, so UE4 doesn’t know how to place the material onto its surface.

You have to go back to Blender, open the sphere, go to Edit mode, then from the left toolbar, find UV unwrap and select Smart UV project, Give a bit of margin and padding to the island, then Unwrap. Export again and reimport into UE4. It should work this time.

That’s also possible. He is missing a material slot altogether.


I think I found the solution, cause I want to apply that earth texture to the sphere and the texture is square so my UVs with smartUV weren’t at the right shape cause they were round, so I have to make my UVs square here is the link of the video… Hope its going to work

Glad you found something that worked for you. I dont know that i would use smart uv unwrap if it can be avoided. it doesnt give the best results and can mess with lightmapping.

It worked, SOLVED I just used what was said in the video, but actually created a cube and subdivided it, so planet earth is actually a subdivided cube… it sounds crazy but if you use a subdivided sphere then you will always get these artefacts at the south and north poles something you don’t get with a sphere projected subdivided cube…

Thank you guys

man can you repost that youtube video link, this one in the link is broken