Stylized-Material - Shadow-Issue

Hello dear UE4-friends :slight_smile:

Its the first time that I dare myself to ask the community, so I’m sorry if I do something wrong xD. So my issue is that I created a stylized field and with lots of trees and bushes. The only big issue I have is the shadow. It reacts very blury and doesnt really seem to react on the skylight. So I think it might be a material issue? If anyone has an idea what the issue could be I would be very happy! :3

Thanks for your time.:heart:

It does look a little blurry ( more on the further trees ), but the main place you’ll be getting shadows from is the directional light.

Is your lighting moveable of static?

Hey dear ClockworkOcean :slight_smile: Changing the skylighting to stationary fixed it, thanks for your advice! :heart: ^^

Cool… :slight_smile: