Stylized Demo Waves

So, I recently came across this thread in polycount talking about making water/waves like you see in Zelda Windwaker and that reminded me of the Stylized demo and how it had a stylized shoreline. Well, I go into the project and try to select what the ‘waves’ are being displayed on… and cant. It says that I am selecting the ground/landscape thing but when I look at the material on the ground, it doesn’t contain the waves. What gives? And above the unselectable waves are little mountain(?) images, which remind me of something but I cant remember what for the life of me, and they aren’t select-able either. If someone could shed some light on this situation for me, I’d really appreciate it. :X


Those shoreline waves are just a material on a plane that is using a Landscape Spline.

To edit these you’ll just need to go to Landscape Mode > Manage > Landscape Editor drop-down > Edit Splines.

If you want to look at the mesh with the material you can find it in the Content Browser under the name: SM_Water_Waves

Thank you!


I also have a question about the stylized kingdom demo. The flags and clouds animations in particular. I noticed that no animations were imported with these meshes but they move nicely as if animation were there. An instanced material is driving the movement for the flags but the mesh in the content browser doesn’t match the nicely fluttering flags in the scene, the same is true for the clouds mesh. Why is that? I was able to recreate the effect by scaling up the flag but I have not figured out how to get the cloud mesh to match the same movement of the clouds in the scene.