Stutter when using Niagara FX for the first time on Quest 2

Hi Guys,

We develop a shooter on Quest 2.
Every time we first launch the game and we fire, we spawn a FX made with Niagara and there is stutter the first time the FX is spawned. We have a stutter for every unique FX we spawn (one for hit, destruction…).

I thought it was coming from the texture and tried disabling the texture streaming on each textures. This didn’t helped.

Does anyone have a suggestion about what I could try ?


Since I didn’t get any reply in 10 days I’m bumping the post hoping to catch some attraction regarding my issue :slight_smile:

Hi @Gil,

I’ve experienced the same thing. There are 2 ways that I know to avoid that stutter.

One way is to create a PSO cache and apply it to your project. PSO Caching docs

Another way (more of a workaround) is during loading or when the camera is faded to black, fire off each of your FX. (It will stutter, but since the screen is black no one will notice)

Hope that helps

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Thanks for the hint @Astrotronic , will try that way :slight_smile: