Stutter - Frame problem while on editor (high end pc)

Since last week , out of nowhere, I started to have problems on Ue4. For example, when you try to connect 2 nodes on event graph, there is a stutter on engine. It’s not easy to work around on Ue4 like this. Sometimes, when you right click open the dropdown menu, it instantly disappears OR when I switch to chrome while Ue4 is in the background, screen refreshes like a milisecond black screen.

I have Ryzen 5900x and GTX2080 Super. I don’t have any problems while playing any game or any other program. I was using this perfectly until this week. I don’t know why. I saw some posts and tried disabling nvidia overlay and udp transport message setting in Ue4. Those didn’t work either.

I opened task manager on my second monitor and there is notrhing wrong with usages either. I switched only one monitor to see if the problem is coming from 2 monitors, didn’t work.

I upgraded my project to 4.26, it’s the same on that too.

Does anyone know?

This is happening to me too. I was able to temporarily fix it by moving the main window to my other monitor but restarting the editor causes the issue to re-emerge. Really strange problem

Yes, I tried that. When the engine got weird and problematic, I moved it to my 1080p monitor and it works perfectly there. Is it related with Nvidia driver or something?

I made my own post here and yep it was regarding Nvidia drivers! Downgrading to the driver version 460 solved the problem for me.

Unfortunately I think it will be a try and fail situation. Thankfully graphics card drivers don’t take too long to update/downgrade (and we now know what the problem was). I will be passing on the Nvidia’s 461 drivers for now. Worth trying again with 462 when that releases.

Nvidia’s 461 drivers are causing some various issues with Unreal Engine and this is one of them. Downgrading to version 460 solved this issue for me!

The answer has also been posted in this thread:

You are a lifesaver. Thank you so much. I missed this smooth Ue4.

How do we know if the driver is fixed in the future though? Try and fail?

Exactly. Thanks again!