Studio Light Setup Unreal Engine

Just trying some basic studio light setup in unreal engine. Images are direct output from engine (Applied some sharpness in PS).

Will be providing this file soon to community(Free) so everybody can experiment and improve on it.

Hope you like it.



Looks great!

Looking amazing. How did you get those contact shadows?

Waiting for the file!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the link to download the file for UE 4.9.

Those look nice, you’re a master!

Not sure why you would use UE4 for product rendering though since other programs render better. Curious?

Glad you liked it.

For the comapny I was working earlier used to ask for seperate furniture renders in studio setup for reviews on modeling details and textures. So the idea came from there to try the same in Unreal Engine but soon I got excited that I can do far more then just rendering a simple frame. Client can test several different texture in single file with interactivity.

I think unreal engine’s main advantage is the interactive experience it provides. Ofcourse it’s far behind in producing those intricate details as of Vray or other render engine out there but its getting really close.

Ahhh, good point for showing different options of materials.

Can’t wait to test it out. I just haven’t updated to 4.9 yet!

Wow looks really good! Thanks for the files!

Nice setup for presenting meshes. Thanks

I tried it out last night. Good addition to my collection, thank you!

I am very much delighted to contribute in this awesome community. Glad you all liked it.:slight_smile:

This looks AMAZING! Thanks Raghu!

This is awesome and Looks Great! Thanks for this!

Speaking on my own reasons to use UE4 over traditional rendering software. I prefer using unreal to focus on trying out looks and ideas. I feel like I have more time to generate multiple looks and feels faster using UE4. Then with very little additional effort I can capture out animations. Finally I can rapidly make client changes almost on demand. So my process working with clients becomes much more collaborative and I can go through a few rounds of changes much faster. Traditional rendering can take more time in the long run, although better results. But it all comes down to how well you have your pipeline setup.

Completely agree, once you have all your content ready to go and a few pre-rendered scenes such as this. It makes a show and tell for clients much faster than rendering it in mental/vray etc.

I only have one question Raghu where you found that delicious chair? The one with the rag on it. I’ve seen someone used it before, can’t remember where they got it from. Tnx in advanced.

I try and curb the “I don’t know what I want until I see it” clients. If they want to pay me hourly to make changes that’s one thing but on a fixed fee you can lose big time.
As long as you factor in the amount of changes or the functionality like some of the interactive UE4’s I’ve seen it’s all good.

Very nice looking setup! Thanks for sharing!

It’s a free sample from here -

Enjoy Rendering. :slight_smile:

Thank you, kind sir.