Studio Design

Hey everyone, I just wanted share my studio designs. I started this project to help me learn and I plan to fill this scene with various assets that i create over the next few years. My hope is to translate some of my artistic vision into the marketplace. :slight_smile: Though i still need to learn some important technical skills.




I have more

Looks very nice , are you an architect ?
Shouldn’t be the metal parts slightly lower ?

I like it a lot! Is this for Arch Viz purposes?

loos nice!

Nope not an architect. I wish was. Space frames are very efficient for weight distribution. The red glass like roof would actually be another set of space frames hidden. Not sure what metals parts your referring to, but i have used my best judgement. Keep in mind this is nowhere close to complete. Most of this would not visible once the level is playable.



Looks good! Although I would turn down the lens flares a bit :wink:

Thanks. Yeah i am just messing around with the lights and materials right now. Also in the process of rebuilding the scene.

WOW! DUDE! does that even run smoothly?@_@?

Yeah it runs perfect. Its actually like less than 10 mb of data. When i complete the project it will employe level streaming and other various techniques to keep it running smooth. I am redesigning the space frame to include high polygon segments for close interaction locations. Everything was exported our of Maya LT so each segment is less than 25 thousand polys.

I have started to rebuild my assets, making the studio larger. So here are a few screens to show off my space frame redesign.


That is some really impressive optimization you doing haha! keep it up man :smiley:

I have made some size and scale adjustments to the roof structure. Right now i am using the engine to help design through continuous experimentation.

The space frame(the roof structure)will eventually be loaded per level streaming. Each strip of the space frame is 1000 by10000.