Stuck on texture tiling

So I am very stuck. I am trying to figure out how to tile my texture on these static mesh objects. Everything I look up says in order to do this I just add a node to the texture.

The part that is confusing me is, I have one material, if I put this material on by default floor object, it tiles automatically. If it put it on anything else, it stretches. I cannot seem to recreate this tiling, can anyone tell me what I am missing?

Alrighty, was not aware the floor mesh had special perimeters hard set into it, thanks!!!

the default floor is different from normal static meshs. One way to solve your issue is to modify the UV maps on the meshes using a program like blender which will remap and rescale the maps. Another option is to do into your material and use a texture coordinate node. the texture coordinate node will allow you to tile the texture one the X and or Y axis based on the input you give it. to get TexCoordinate node go into your material and right click on the graph ans search for it then you can select the node to modify the tiling information. the node will then connect to the pins on the left side of the texture. Hope this helps a bit good luck