Struct redefinition

Hey guys, I’m having trouble with struct definitions. Basically UBT says struct redefinition, so I tried to use an #include guard, but now the child struct(DHWeaponInfo) won’t reference it’s parent struct properly.

But now that the DependsOn tag is deprecated, I can’t use it, and if I use #include circular dependency :confused:

Help pls

Here’s the UBT log:

EDIT:: Don’t quote me about the missing default constructors. I just added them, still won’t compile :3

Hey Dirt113-

The redefinition error is because there is alread a struct in STreeView.h named FItemInfo. Changing the name of the struct should solve that error. During my testing I did notice that after changing the name of the struct I received a compile error because of a missing default constructor. Changing the name of the struct and Including the default constructor were enough to allow the code to compile successfully.


All errors fixed. Thanks :smiley:

After 2 hours struggling I found this. God bless how informative errors are, lol.