Struct pin keeps breaking every time the game runs

So I was following the [Blueprint Multiplayer][1] tutorial series and everything was going fine. Then after I copy pasted my project to another location (so I could try out the multiplayer locally) I noticed that the widget blueprint which was suppose to load when I enter the lobby map, wasn’t loading. When I went into the editor I saw a compiler error in the Player Controller of the lobby map. I noticed that there was a missing link when trying to break PlayerInfo:

I reconnected the pins and compiled the game. But again when I open the game my lobby widget blueprint is not showing up. When I close the game, there is no error in the player controller, but when I re-open my project the pin is broken again.

Btw this Load Game function is called from a function called Save Game Check, which looks like this:

The Save Game Check function is called from the event graph from a custom event called InitalSetup, which looks like this:

Honestly any help would be appreciated.

Hey LX3,

Can you show me what the error is saying? It should be in the output frame at the bottom of the Blueprint window.


Hi and thanks for the reply! I would show what the error was saying but for some reason it’s not happening anymore… The game works fine when I run it from the editor (nothing is broken and it fetches playerinfo), but when I try to cook/package the game I still get weird errors regarding the struct pin: (had to post to pastebin, because of character limit).
I really appreciate the swift reply!

Is PlayerSettings coming from C++ or did you create a Blueprint Struct for it?

The whole project is 100% blueprints, so I think it’s a blueprint struct.

Can you verify where the PlayerSettings struct is coming from? Whether from the engine or from a Blueprint struct?

Any information that can help me recreate the issue on my end will help.


I really hope I know what you mean, here are some screenshots:

I’m pretty sure it’s a blueprint struct.

Does this only happen in your current project or can you get it to happen again in a new one?


I’ve followed along the Blueprint Multiplayer tutorial twice now and this is the only time it’s happened. Thanks for the replies.

I fixed it. Changed the name of my BluePrint struct and fixed references, BOOM no errors and everything works.
Thanks for the help!

I just had the same problem, reconnected everything. Play in Editor worked fine but Standalone spawned nothing. Restarted the engine and found all the links were broken again. Quick renaming of the struct fixed it.
Structs seem a bit unstable at times. I almost screwed up my project by messing around with some variables in a struct (that is a variable in a bigger struct). Fortunately managed to fix that and I’ve no doubt this disconnecting problem is to do with that. Gotta be careful around these things haha.

Thanks for posting your fix anyway! Worked like a charm.