Strong texture shimmer on glass material with tiling normal map

Hello everyone,

This is the issue that I am experiencing:


The material in question:

The normal map used in the material:

And the texture compression settings in the UE4:


Changing the mip gen settings doesn’t seem to help. Any ideas on how I can get rid of this? Thank you.

Thanks for the suggestion, but I’m not too sure that I can find a suitably looking high-frequency detail normal map to replace this at a distance. Also, the problem, as you can tell from the gif, occurs at roughly equal intervals and quite close to the camera to begin with, while other textures in the scene have no issues whatsoever.

This issue appears because reflection on that glass very roughly distorted by that detail normal.

Only way you can fix it is remove that normal or reflection.

You can also try to increase roughness of glass material by distance.

In some camera distance normal texture size equals to 1 pixel on screen. Not actual normal but maybe its mipmap or whatever.

Because of that reflection is no longer distorted as you wish, and you see this glitch

Roughness is unfortunately disabled by the translucent blend mode in the material, so I guess I will try distance blending this into something else.

Replace this texture with another one by distance from camera, so this tiled one will disappear and some not tiled texture appear instead of it.