Striving for Photorealism in UE4

Awesome work man, really nice!

That looks fantastic. Any chance you’d be willing to talk about how you made that grass material?

These are really phenomenal! Keep up the great work and please keep us posted with anything new you’re doing :smiley:

Sweet breadcakes on a bowl of whipped cream batman!
Love the minimalism yet realism :slight_smile:

This looks AMAZING. I completely disagree with the guy that says that the grass looks repetitive. There’s grass exactly like that in natural, untouched, areas. Some kinds of grass just don’t grow a lot. I work with this kind of thing everyday (similar, architectural rendering) and I know how hard it is to achieve realistic looking grass. This is a work of art, and I would love to see a breakdown on how you did it!

Great work mate! How does it perform?

That looks awesome, I would love to see some breakdown if possible. Great work!

Looks amazing! Would love to see this effect used for creating infinite sidescroller backgrounds. It’s something I imagined doing a while ago but didn’t know how.

Hey there @TemporalDrift, heres a link:


Heey, how did you that sand? Is it fine texturing? Is it planar projection? Triplaner projection?

That mountain scene looks very much like I would imaging NyLeve crashsite (if you played original 1998 Unreal). Would love to see you developing this scene in that direction or sharing it on the market. Inspiring

OOoo… Really ?

Second that.

wow this is great! I’s also love to see a bit of breakdown for this

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@EoinOBroin The grass is in a transparent material true ?

Thank you! Much appreciated :slight_smile:

Thank you so much! I will do a breakdown if people are interested, but really everything is super simple :slight_smile:

Since my main goal of this series is to try and achieve photorealistic visuals, my scenes are not very optimised at all and could be hugely improved in terms of performance. Really I’m just trying to make nice looking scenes for now before moving on to my main game project that I have planned. With that said, I set a minimum goal of 30 FPS @ 1440p but both of the scenes shown so far run at 60+FPS.

The sand is just a simple diffuse and normal map run through my landscape master material! I did increase the normal map intensity and layered with a detail normal map for some variation/detail.

Yes! Using transparency allows for a softer look, but it causes depth issues and certain effects don’t render correctly such as DOF. The masked version of the shader looks almost as nice, but being able to fade out the grass gives it a nicer, more natural looking finish- for my purposes translucency works fine! I’m working on making a shader that can match the visuals of the current translucent shader but use the usual masked method!

I’ve been working on a new scene for the last few days having fun learning SpeedTree, will be posting shots soon!

Wow :o I hope you release a playbale demo for it (and I hope it doesn’t need the power of Kite Demo)

That gif looks fantastic. Awesome work dude!

Very nice work OP! I like it alot!