Striving for Photorealism in UE4

Hey! I’ve recently decided to create a series of mini scenes in an effort to get better at composition and photorealism in UE4- right now I’m focusing on landscapes and foliage, here is the first test with a little fuzzy grass shader I made :slight_smile:

Scene 1:

Feedback is more than welcome! I’ll be posting more scenes as I finish them, I thought this could be a cool way to share progress!


Looks fantastic mate keep it up!

It looks really nice :slight_smile: Well done! Would love to see more scenes.

Holy **** dude MOAR, this is ill!

Wow, that looks amazing!

Thank you all for the kind words :slight_smile:

Made a few tweaks to that scene to fix some of the problems that I noticed when I woke up!

The next scene is coming on nicely, should be finished later today!

Can send you some real photos of these sandy hills fro Spain if you want any inspiration. :slight_smile:

That Material looks very nice.

The tall grass looks nice even if it’s not 100% photoreal. I like the atmosphere of your environments.

That’s ridiculously good.

New grassy mountains scene! (still tweaking, will be updating this post with changes)

Hey man - saw some of your stuff on the facebook group a few days ago.

That mountain scene is look super awesome. Your definitely achieving the “photorealism” with it! :slight_smile:

This grass is looking so awesome :eek: In terms of realism it’s maybe a little bit too perfect. The terrain is quite rough for a mower. :wink:

@Higuy8000 Thank you!
@SchnitzelDude Haha yeah maybe I need more dark patches/variation in the grass! I’ll keep this in mind for future scenes, thanks for the feedback!

Got the scene a bit more optimized, running at 60 FPS @ 1440p

Ground textures are too repetitive and lack unique details.

Doing a lot of reference of similar real life landscapes that I wanted to capture the feel of, I noticed that the grassland parts actually were very simple with little variation.

I do agree that I need more unique details- stones, flowers, trees etc.

This scene is as simple as it possibly can be right now- 1 landscape, 1 material, and 1 grass foliage actor. I’ve been trying to get a large amount of mileage out of as few input assets as possible as another goal of this series :slight_smile:

Although I agree with above, I think that the lighting and grass foliage is spot on. Looking forward to seeing further developments!

Let’s lay out in marketplace xD

nailed it!

Sorry for going off topic @Higuy8000 can you point me to the facebook group please.