Stretching only part of a texture

Hi all,
So I have this texture I made, which is a rotated cross, that has a pink background. I would like this cross to always be the same size no matter what mesh it’s on, but to stretch out the part that isn’t the cross (in this specific case it’s the pink around the cross) to fit the rest of the mesh it’s on.

Here is an image:

There also may be another way to do this, where I just put the image on the mesh, and then give the rest of the mesh a color that corresponds to the background color of the image I’m applying to the mesh.

Many thanks!

The easiest way might be (if its an actual cross) to do it with decals.
I dont have to give a detailed answer, but perhaps the local alignment node in the material editor could work…
follows post for answers

I would do exactly that.

Make a decal that has your cross and the same pink background.

In your blueprint, spawn decal at location (Centre of you mesh)

If you resize you mesh during you game, remove the decal, resize mesh, add decal again. You may not even need to remove the decal before resizing, but you would need to move it to find the centre of your mesh again.


with some blueprinting you could even always have the cross exactly in the middle :slight_smile: