Stretching Material Across Spline Components

I got this Nice Material, but I want to make it Stretch Across the Set of Spline Components, with a Box Mesh. Not so Much Duplicate it each time. I`ve spent alot of Time Trying a Few Things. But Nothing is Working.

Anyone Got a Direction they can point me?

I`ve messed with the Materials 6 ways from Sunday, but for some reason nothing I do even based on distance from the Spline Points, seems to work.

I just need a Idea where I should look into, i`ll handle the rest myself.

If you want to stretch the mesh, try the mesh spline.
Stretching a cube may look strange, it will go from one end to the other in a straight line, so to speak. Because it has only those vertexes. If you want it to be a smooth curve stretching you need a mesh with more vertexes.

no. I`m trying to Stretch the Material Across the spline Meshes. I dont want to have 1 Mesh, Thou I am thinking about it.