Stretched decals in 4.11 for Shooter Game Example

Build Type: Source build

Build Version: 4.11.2

Issue: When you shoot the instant weapon in the Shooter Game Content Example, the impact decals are stretched. This did not occur in 4.10, and is a bug that is occurring in our own project and Tom Looman’s Survival Game as well.

See how the decals are being stretched? They look more like scratches than bullet holes.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Get Shooter Game for 4.11.2 from the Epic Games Launcher
  2. Play the game
  3. Shoot something (like the wall)
  4. Observe the decals caused on impact

Hi Meagatron,

This is due to a change in how Decals are spawned with a change in 4.11. It looks like this has not yet been updated for the public release. This was reported with UE-29076 specifically for ShooterGame.

For more info on the new decal spawning method see Martin’s post here: Decals are thin stripes in 4.11 - Rendering - Epic Developer Community Forums

Thank you!


this is great i need this fix as well!