Stretch marks on imported static mesh

Does you model have UVs?

Check the UVs in the editor:

Please help! I import my fbx from Maya and it has these surface type stretch marks in various places of my mesh, and I have no idea whats causing it. This is just the bare imported mesh no materials applied. When I apply matterials they get distorted by these stretch marks. I dont get these stretch marks in maya or in substance painter. Thank you for your time!

Yes, I have all my uv shells unfolded and layed out. They are going into the negative space cause thats how ue4 reads udims at the moment till they fix the bug.

Here is UV Channel 0. Uv channel 2 had the uvs from my high poly mesh. Is that normal? Or maybe that would possibly Unreal is trying to blend my high poly and low poly uvs, and creating the stretches? Appreciate your time by the way!

I have the same issue.
Did you manage to solve the problem?