Streaming Your Unreal Development on Twitch? Add Your Channel Here!

The headline says it all! If you’re streaming your work in UE4 or playtesting UE4 games, Drop your channel here and we’ll get you added to the list of Unreal

UPDATE: We’ve made a Wiki page dedicated to streamers and encourage you to post your channel over there instead :slight_smile:

Hey Chance!

I haven’t streamed too much during the break cause I’ve been traveling but i often stream lots of QA sessions, prototyping sessions, and experimenting with the engine. No particular projects most of the time, just information sessions mainly.

Added dude!

Usually stream myself learning/experimenting on Sundays. Gonna be streaming some later this week as I’m on vacation all week. :smiley:

Link in signature.

I stream development but I also stream just playing regular games. I don’t have much of a schedule, just the random evening here and there.
Given I’m not an exclusive UE4 streamer it’s up to you if you’d like to include it or not :slight_smile:

While I’m working on my game “Project Alessia” I don’t stream it but I do stream environmental work and 3D modeling in Maya/UE4. Twitch

I could make it a point to start streaming more :slight_smile:

Developing my game in VS… and playing some Borderlands :stuck_out_tongue:

I just noticed Hanako is on this list. I absolutely love their visual novels.

I normally develop in Web standards (HTML/CSS/JavaScript/WebGL/WebCL/etc.) but I also worked on mods for games like Unreal Tournament 3.

Since November, I have been creating a turn-based strategy game. Basically, it’s Chess with designed levels rather than an 8x8 grid where every tile is valid. At some point, I hope to have like, a medieval city map with draw bridges that can be raised and lowered (making tiles appear or disappear). The playable tiles will kind-of hover over the landscape and decorations will fill in gaps. I am not an expert at C++ or the specific layout of Unreal Engine 4, but my goal is that everything I add to the game will be done on stream, so you can watch it every step of the way.

Current goal: Make a simple demo, Player vs AI.

I don’t have a fixed schedule, but (apart from the last two weeks) I usually stream ~3 times per week. I usually start ~9 or 10 pm EST(-5 UTC)/EDT(-4 UTC) and go for a few hours.

Not my stream but I´ve been following him for a few weeks now and am pretty much enjoying watching him stream. (Beware he´s German :D)
He currently works on an FPS-Singleplayer game and is working on the AI (the game does not have a title as far as I know).

I stream usually UE4 AI stuff in development.

Going live in a minute (working on some fish/flocking AI).

My schedule is all over the place sadly. But I’m maybe going to try and do some regular streams this coming few months. Not sure there’s much call for it though :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to start streaming a bunch of different stuff soon, Shaders, Programming development etc. Possibly a bit of 3D work too. I’ve made the channel look all pretty, so hopefully if I can get OpenBroadcaster working reliably I can stream some things every few nights :slight_smile:

Ze Channel

Hey guys! I stream on twitch! I’m working on an UE4 game (Sphere Complex) currently 99% blueprints. I have a working menu, a few test levels, saves, multiplayer networking with server browser.

Also follow my channel twitter:

I also follow another guy on twitch who streams UE4 dev and didn’t see him mentioned in the list:

Hello, i stream sometimes!

Maya / UE


Hey Chance

Streaming my Development of Nina and will play some of the Game Jam Games as well.

I Stream sometimes (Normally when I am working on something that I know I can complete :stuck_out_tongue: instead of looking like a ****!)


Eventually, once I get my project in order, Ill stream development of it. Hopefully that’ll be in the beginning of March.

I also randomly join others streams if I see someone streaming UE4… Sooo if you see me /wave!


I Stream on twitch When ever availiable. I stream myself either making game(Making models or prototype game) or playing games(Hearthstone, whatever games I play)

Thanks Chance for adding me :). I will not hold my stream this week since I need to get things going for my Bachelor. Looking forward to next weeks. Any suggestions: [LIVE STREAM] Unreal Engine 4 Tutorials and Support - Community Content, Tools and Tutorials - Unreal Engine Forums