Streaming Videos across multiple devices


I am working a project where i want to capture a video from a particular camera in the scene, which is not the Control player’s camera. I want to send the captured video to other devices for playback, and i want to do all this live, has anyone done this or knows examples of this ?
So basically i want a live capture of video from a camera in the UE4 scene and stream it to other users on a link.

are there any tools available which will make my life easier or do i need to get into texture encoding and decoding on my own ?

You can use a Scene Capture Camera to render to a texture, but you’d need to make your own method to stream the image over a network.

You can use the new pixelstreaming.

Yeah planning to do that

Did consider this option but not going with it for the time being,
just out of curiosity, would it mean i will have to render a webview in UE4 to view the pixel streaming version of my game ? or can i use the same link as a media source ?

“Pixelstreaming” is hosting a website for you via the Signalling Server, which you can customize like you want. The rest is super easy to setup.

Hi,I tried this method to get and save the image. However, I found it inefficient. When saving 1280x720 images, the frame rate was only 5fps. Is there a better solution? Thank you.

The version I use is 4.18, and may not be able to use “Pixelstreaming”.

Pixel streaming is not related to Scene Capture, Scene Capture is designed to render from a camera to a texture for the purpose of effects like in-game security cameras and stuff like that. The texture will be realtime so if you want to transmit it somewhere else then you’ll have to figure out a fast way of doing that.

Hey, how did you manage to get 5fps in that resolution ? How are you encoding images ? and how are you sending them across ?

Im using a TCP server over lan, and encoding 128 x 128 images to base64 and transferring as a string and im getting 3-4frames per second tops. If you are getting 5fps maybe i will get a lot more for 128x128