Streaming and relevance in multiplayer

I want to make a system where you have the level divided into pieces which act like sub-levels running at same time in the same server.

What I want is the players that leave the current sub-level must no longer be visible to any player in the current sub-level and anything the players do in other levels must not affect the players in current sub-level.

1.Player A and B are in sub-level X .
2.player A leaves to sub-level Y. anything player A does in sub-level Y and also the entire sub-level Y must be invisible to player B.
4.Similarly anything player B does in sub-level X and the sub-level X must be invisible to A and should not affect him.

I though of using streaming volumes first but I read that it wont stream out the player characters and how would it behave if in an online match player A fired a arrow that in 3D space left level Y and entered Level X’s 3D space? will the players in level Y see the arrow suddenly pop from nowhere?

Com’on its not that hard of a question to understand

Did you ever find a solution for this? I’m looking for the same thing.